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  • Commercial Property - The Coronavirus Act 2020

    30th April 2020

    Section 82 of The Coronavirus Act 2020 came into effect last month and has introduced some special measures to protect tenants of commercial premises who are experiencing interruption to their businesses as a result of...

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  • Preserved Right to Buy dicount cap changes

    6th April 2020

    Preserved Right To Buy discount caps change as of 6 April 2020 - A Reminder If you are dealing with Preserved Right to Buy matters then you are probably already aware that the maximum discount limits are revised and...

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  • First Homes: What do we know so far?

    25th February 2020

    The Government announced its intentions to roll out a new housing scheme to give the next generation of homeowners the opportunity to take their first step on to the property ladder. The scheme, known as First Homes...

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  • Estate Rentcharges - The Issues

    7th January 2020

    Estate Rentcharges – the hidden issues The Rentcharges Act 1977 provided that all existing rentcharges are to be extinguished on 22 June 2037 and that no new rentcharges could be created.   The exception...

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