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Privacy Policy


The General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (“GDPR”) will be in force from 25 May 2018. The regulations build onto and broaden existing obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. Overarching this is also our continued obligation to our clients under our professional duty of care and regulations under the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Nonetheless, we have prepared this note to give you reassurance that we have carried out a number of processes and procedures to ensure that we are GDPR compliant and that we are committed to holding data you provide to us securely, appropriately and accurately.

Please see the further details setting out the nature of personal data we hold, our obligations and processes relating to the same and your rights set out in each of the attached notices:-

1. Privacy Notice : Incorporated Clients (Registered Societies and Corporate Clients).

2. Privacy Notice : Private Clients/Individuals Acting in Person.

3. Privacy Notice : Sole Traders.

The duty of client confidentiality and our professional duty of care means that we have always taken the management of data seriously. However, here are some of the new measures we have taken to ensure our GDPR compliance:-

  • We have carried out an analysis of data we hold throughout the firm and how and why we hold it. This analysis will be reviewed and maintained regularly.
  • We have contacted our limited number of service providers to ensure our contract terms with them take account of the specific obligations of the GDPR.
  • We have instigated a new staff training and awareness policy to ensure all staff are aware and reminded of this firm’s obligations under the GDPR.
  • We have voluntarily appointed a Data Protection Officer who will ensure our ongoing compliance with the GDPR and related domestic legislation.
  • We have reviewed and improved our data breach notification process.
  • We have updated our case management system in order to comply with GDPR requirements.

Please be advised that our standard terms of condition have been updated to require authorisation to allow certain service providers limited access to data in the course of our standard operation as a law firm.

Please feel free to contact Paul Skelton (Partner) if you have any queries over our handling and processing of data you provide to us.